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Tyretraders Auto Centre Minworth
The launch of Tyretraders new Auto Centre in Minworth, Sutton Coldfield is proving to be a fantastic success. The state of the art equipment includes
  • HunterHawk Eye 3D wheel alignment system
  • Alloy Wheel Specific Tyre Changing Machines
  • Induction Heating Systems
  • State of the art Diagnostic Systems
  • Michelin and Continental Tyre Information Systems
  • Fully equipped Mobile Fitting Vans
All this and more are complimented by customer facilities rarely found in the tyre industry and of course the huge stocks of 4x4 car van and commercial tyres! Tyre Calculator

Original Tyre Size

New Tyre Size

Sidewall Height mm 
Wheel RPM
Radius mm
Ratio Difference %
Speedo Reading
Sidewall height mm
Wheel RPM
Radius in mm
Wheelarch Difference mm
New Speedo Value

TyreTraders Tyre Calculator is provided to help you work out what differences a tyre upgrade will make to your speedometer.

The values calculated are:-
Sidewall height - this is the height of the tyre from the edge of the rim to the tread.
Wheel revolutions per mile
Ratio - this is the percentage difference between the circumferences of the tyres.
Radius - this is the radius of the wheel and tyre combination i.e. the distance from the centre of the wheel to the edge of the tyre
Wheelarch difference - this is the extra amount of wheelarch space that the new wheels take up; it can be useful to work this out if you are worried about the tyres rubbing the wheelarch. If the value is negative, then there is more wheelarch clearance. Also note that it is only working out height differences, not how much extra the a difference wheel will stick in/out.
Speed differences - " how will it affect my speedo?" Please use the tyre calculator above!
Please remember that these are only theoretical values, and that in usage the values you may see can vary due to tyre wear, tyre pressure, tyre make, etc. Check that the new tyre size is currently in production.

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